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My name is Ria T. DiLullo. I am a trainer and artist with a commitment to craft, process, progress, and practice.

Here's a little bit about my background - I am a native New Yorker and a former athlete. I found my way to Pilates after leaving collegiate athletics (rowing and volleyball specifically) to recover from injuries, inflammation, and chronic pain over a decade ago. I found it so effective that I pursued a comprehensive certification in Pilates and have been teaching for 8+ years. 

I offer instruction as movement coach specializing in holistic biomechanics via the Fajardo Method . I am certified with extensive virtual & in-person teaching experience in both mat and apparatus Pilates, with a strong background in athletics and experience in many movement-based theatrical practices. I am also Prenatal certified.

As an artist, I have directed and produced over a dozen full length stage shows, led development on scores of new scripts, had my hand in a multitude of solo shows and short play festivals, as well as creating and producing short and medium length films. Much of this work has been developed through my theater company, The Skeleton Rep(resents).

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